Back in 1980 I was just an impressionable high school kid walking into Zak's for the first time to see the Oil Tasters. My high school friend Jay Tiller told me about this three piece band - drums, bass and sax -- I had to see them. On stage, Richard LaValliere is filling the room with the sounds from his bass that has two fried eggs glued to the body and I thought, fried eggs on a guitar! Brilliant!!'

The music back then was important but it was the imagery that really pulled me in - creatively decorated instruments, cheap 7" singles covers and the graphic posters: they were almost as exciting as the band's performance (sometimes even more so).

This was the age of stapling handmade gig posters on telephone poles and boarded up windows (no computers, websites or email). Now, some twenty-something years later, the memories of the live shows might have dimmed but I still have these amazing posters.

This website is my way of sharing the artwork and memories of an era that wasn't documented as much as things are today. Enjoy!

-Ron Faiola (founding member/drummer in Couch Flambeau, former drummer/manager of F/i, ex-WMSE d.j. and milwaukee video production guru.)

HEY YOU. MilwaukeeRockPosters.com has lots of photos, music and POSTERS available for view. I'm glad you like the rare old posters, but STOP POSTING THE POSTERS ON YOUR OR OTHER WEBSITES without permission or credit. I've spent many hours scanning, posting, writing. 'Nuff said, Okay? -- Ron Faiola

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