BLACKLIST Live at Summerfest Rock Stage, 1985. Photos by ffischer copyright 1985.

NEW! More Haskels/Oil Tasters photos submitted by Guy Hoffman

GUY: "The HASKELS recorded onto VHS our entire song collection at the television

studio at Marquette which at the time was also used for WMVS TV 10 shows.

This is a newsprint scan of a photo and God knows if the original even exists."

GUY: "OIL TASTERS recorded "My Girlfriend's Ghost" in the same studio for our

appearance on WMVS TV 10 Talent Showcase. It was a contest of sorts

and we performed "I Got You (I Feel Good)" for the audition with me singing.

Much to our surprise we won the damn thing. And much to their surprise we

pulled a fast one at the session and recorded our own song instead of a cover."

GUY: "CALEB playing sax in the OT rehearsal room in the basement of his house."

Oil Tasters group photo from 1981 Submitted by Guy Hoffman, photography copyright 1981 James Brozek.

Guy Hoffman, Richard LaValliere, Caleb Alexander

from the photo session for the LP cover

5" x 7"

photo by James Brozek

jpeg file

sepia color

Haskels photos from 1979 Photos submitted by Guy Hoffman, photography copyright 1979 George Taylor.

Haskels live at the Peaches Stage, Summerfest, July 7, 1979 (remember Peaches record stores? I still have those LP crates they sold)

Haskels promo photo, 1979

The Haskel Hotel, 1979. Located at 1830 Arlington St. just north of Brady St.

The Haskel Hotel, 2008. Almost 30 years later. (Photography by Google Maps)

Haskels live at Zak's, 1978 Photos submitted by Guy Hoffman, photography copyright 1978 George Taylor. From left to right: Presley, Richard, Guy, Gerard.

NEW The Blowtorch live in London at Chas & Dave's Pub, June 17, 1987 Photos copyright 1987 Bobby Tanzilo.

Violent Femmes, 1984. Live at the UWM Union Ballroom - playing to a sold out crowd of about 1,000 with Couch Flambeau opening.

Scott Ruud aka, The Rude Boy was taking photos for Mark Shurilla's Express music newspaper and he captured these shots of the Femmes that night. (Scroll down to see his Couch Flambeau photos from the same show.)

Click on the thumbnail to see the photo.

Photos copyright 1984 Scott Ruud. All Rights Reserved.

Dark Facade Photos copyright by Brad Williams (formerly Brad Shreffler). Photos: Dave Wolf, lakefront concert; Steve Nodine and Mary Lynn at the Palms (1983); Bob Friedman (aka Bobby Dupah) at Teddy's; Steve and Mary Lynn at Teddy's (1984); onstage at Nicolo's (1985).

Oil Tasters Photos from their basement rehearsal room, submitted by Guy Hoffman. Photography copyright George Taylor.

Couch Flambeau, 1984. It was the night we opened for the Violent Femmes. I had bought a new (used) black Tama drum set that day for $400 which seemed like a fortune. The Femmes were getting very popular then and the UWM Union Ballroom was packed. We did pretty well considering all the girls were waiting for Gordon Gano to sing.

Scott Ruud aka, The Rude Boy was taking photos for Mark Shurilla's Express music newspaper and he captured these shots of Couch Flambeau that night. (He also has some Violent Femmes photos that will be posted soon.) The marching band jacket I'm wearing was "borrowed" from the locker room at Divine Savior Holy Angels high school which we had recently played at. I threw it out into the crowd sometime during the set. (Video from this show to be posted soon!)

Jay Tiller

Ron Faiola (aka Ron Ford)

Neil Socol

Jay and Ron

Ron Sans Jacket

Jay on Guitar

Neil on Bass

Ron on New Drums

Jay Tiller

Couch Flambeau at UWM Photos copyright 1984 Scott Ruud. All Rights Reserved.

MARCH 19, 1982: STARSHIP. San Francisco art-punk band FLIPPER on stage at the Starship that night.

Starship Marquee and Building

Men's Toilet Grafitti at the Starship

More Grafitti

FLIPPER Their single, "Sex Bomb" was huge then. The bass player, Will Shatter, was sick and kept vomiting behind his bass cabinet. I'm guessing that Starship owner Kenny Baldwin left it there for the rats.

Bruce Loose, Ted Falconi, Steve DePace, Will Shatter

Bruce Loose

Ted Falconi

Photos copyright 1982 Ron Faiola. All Rights Reserved.

HASKELS Reunion, Shank Hall, 1990. With the X-Cleavers and Clancy Carroll.




Clancy Carroll & Terry Tanger

Clancy Carroll & Tom Tiedjens

The Haskels Pre-Show Group Photo

The Haskels Onstage

Gerard, Richard, Guy & Presley

Gerard LaValliere, Richard & Presley

Dancing to the Haskels

The Bodeans' Sammy Llanas

Presley Haskel

The Haskels

Richard LaValliere

Gerard, Richard & Guy Hoffman on Drums

Dancing to the Haskels

Kurt Neuman, Friend, Tony Selig

Brian Ritchie, John Frankovic

Terry Tanger, Paul Finger, John Gaskel

Clancy Carroll, John Frankovic, Dave Luhrssen

Paul Host, Mort 'd Hump, Richard

Rob Czarneski, Mark Shurilla, Dave Luhrssen, John Frankovic, Lars Kvam

Terry Tanger Hugs Peter Jest

Photos copyright 1990 Ron Faiola. All Rights Reserved.

OIL TASTERS Reunion, 1990. With the Haskels and special guests. This show was outdoors downtown at Bastille Days? The photos make it seem cold and rainy...and there was some sort of jam session with the combined members of the Oil Tasters and Haskels. It's all so fuzzy - any clearheaded memories?

Oil Tasters

Caleb Alexander and Richard LaValliere

Richard on Egg Bass

Guy Hoffman on Drums

Caleb on Sax

Oil Tasters


Caleb and John Frankovic

Guy Hoffman & a Bit of Egg Bass

Friends & Fans

Oil Tasters & Haskels Jam

Presley Haskel

Gerard LaValliere

The Merch Table ($8 LPs!)

Photos copyright 1990 Ron Faiola. All Rights Reserved.

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