Order Lest We Forget - Our Night to Remember

Lest We Forget - Our Night to Remember documents the "Milwaukee Music Scene Memorial Reunion" concert held at the Turner Hall Ballroom on May 26, 2012. The sold-out show will go down as one of the most important, unique and enjoyable live events in Milwaukee music history.

The live CD is packed with 12 bands and 22 songs (see list below). The Lest We Forget package (shown above) includes the 75 minute disc, photos from the show and two souvenir stickers.

Order the Lest We Forget CD now: $11.99 plus shipping.

The CD Features:

Liv Mueller 3:51
haunted face

Xposed 4Heads 2:54
nice guy

Rock-A-Dials 6:12
love heart attack
sex to get love

3XCleavers 6:42
dirges for the dead
smooth wild and dirty

The Dominoes 6:51
local disaster

3 On Fire 8:35
how many, how long?
'till always

Tense Experts 6:48
no turbulence
seems like cold weather

Sacred Order 7:53
i just do
the right to be poor and radical
three testes
international house of death

Die Kreuzen 11:21
number three
all white

The Lubricants 6:36
alive power/cissy is bitch
kaka brain kid

Dummy Club 2:21
teenage corpse

St. Bernard 4:56
my baby went to the bahamas

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