The Blackholes. Fronted by Mark Shurilla - they were truly power punk polka. Their big hits were No More Surfin' at Bradford Beach and a song about Milwaukee Braves pitcher Warren Spahn. Some day I'll post photos I took of the Blackholes at the Starship.

Mark Shurilla started the music newspaper X-Press which later became Express and then Shepherd Express when the Crazy Shepherd merged with Express.

He also taught me some Blondie and Lou Reed songs in 1980 when I apparently "joined" the Black and Blue Sisters as a guitarist. But I don't think they played again as a band after that rehearsal. The Black and Blue Sisters used to open for the Blackholes and they'd come out in nun's outfits and strip down to racy lingerie and use whips - they did songs like "Vicious" and Blondie's "One Way or Another" which is now the theme song for a mop.

The Blackholes posters:

The Blackholes and Charles Hardin at Zak's (January 11 & 12, 1980) With the Valiants. (Mark Shurilla is a brilliant musician but not much of a poster artist.) Poster submitted by Steve Shantz of the Valiants.

The Blackholes at Zak's (October 12 & 13, 1980) Another "meh" poster.