Blacklist. This was probably the only local metal band that the punk rockers respected. They really had their act together yet never managed to find success outside of Milwaukee.

Blacklist posters:

Blacklist, Ama-Dots and Couch Potatoes at the Palms, (September 4, 1982) What a line up! I was in the Couch Potatoes (soon to become Couch Flambeau) back then on drums - we played well, but had a difficult time with the promoter and sound man. The Ama-Dots had hung a huge sheet of plastic in front of them for the show and then used liberal amounts of stage smoke behind it, which was very cool. I heard that Blacklist rocked, but I was long gone - I took off during the Ama-Dots show because I was pissed off at the coked up promoter (who has since apologized). Excellent poster by Neil Mickey.

Blacklist at Rock City, (September 13, 1985) Version 1 poster by Neil Mickey. Oil stain by me. Rock City was WAAAYYY out west even in today's jet pack world. It was in New Berlin in the middle of no where (but near Cascio Music on 138th & National). Rock City is long gone and now that "nothing" corner is filled with strip malls, grocery stores and gas stations.

Blacklist at Rock City, (September 13, 1985) Version 2 poster by Neil Mickey. Similar to the Palms poster, but with eyes by Lemmy from Motorhead.