X-Cleavers. Milwaukee's top new wave band. The rhythm section of John Gaskel on drums and Tom T on bass powered the X-Cleavers pop sound, with Terry Tanger's smooth vocal delivery, crisp guitar work and the keyboard harmonies would pack the dance floor like an aerobics class today.

The X-Cleavers were a Milwaukee institution, not only for their music but their ability to draw a huge number of girls to their shows. Thank you X-Cleavers!

X-Cleavers posters:

X-Cleavers at the Starship (July 31, August 20-21 & September 20-21, 1980) Ya know, posters didn't cost too much to make back then. This one covers a summer's worth of gigs. I don't think it stayed on the telephone pole that long...

X-Cleavers at the Starship (June 19, 1981) Scary.

X-Cleavers at Andrew's (July 18, 1981) Not a familiar venue: Andrew's on 5353 North Port Washington Road. (Poster submitted by Scott Gillespie)

X-Cleavers at the Palms (October 9, 1981) Poster by Bill Feeny. With Muscle Beach, RPMs and the Points. Technically for two dates, this is also under the Appliances section. (Submitted by Bill Feeny)

X-Cleavers at Teddy's (April 17, 1982) (Poster submitted by Greeneyesmilw)

X-Cleavers at Zak's (February 26, 1983) Divorce party? With Life on Other Planets and X-Cleavers videos, quite a rarity back in those dark days.

X-Cleavers at Century Hall (May 21, 1983) I believe Couch Flambeau opened this show. (Poster submitted by Greeneyesmilw)

X-Cleavers at the Kenwood Inn (March 5, 1983) Playing at the gravel pit where Fred said Yabba Dabba DO!

X-Cleavers at the Kenwood Inn (May 28, 1983) Harpo's on Brady St. (Poster submitted by Scott Gillespie)

X-Cleavers at Century Hall (September 1, 1984) New album release party with Her Majesty's Secret Service. (Poster submitted by Scott Gillespie)

X-Cleavers at Teddy's [date unknown] Johnny Gaskel on ciggies.

X-Cleavers sticker

X-Cleavers sticker on a shamrock from the Starship Remember the shamrock with the X-Cleavers sticker up on the door frame from the stage area to the Starship bar? I took it the night Kenny closed the place.

Carter Hunnicutt sent us a bunch of XCleavers posters from his collection. Check out the amazing artwork by Tom Holleran, especially the "Marquee" poster.