Humpin' Hanna's. Humpin' Hanna's was a legendary subterranean club on 827 E. Locust (& Bremen) which is now a dirt lot. Cheap Trick, Lou Reed and Hermin's Hermits (without Peter Noone) played at Hanna's back in the early-mid 1970s. Bands could play 3 or 4 nights in a row in those days. And Penny Beer Night was legendary.

Humpin' Hanna's posters:

MC5 at Hanna's, 1973 Crossfire later became Bad Boy.

Cheap Trick with InA Hot Coma, 1974 Submitted by Martin Miller and InA Hot Coma member Martin Krohne. Krohne recalls the show:

"Our biggest gig was backing up Cheap Trick. At it, Presley Haskel, lead singer, wore skin tight leopard skin pants.

And he liked to jump around a lot onstage.

What Presley didn't realize was that the seam of his pants split just enough to show off more than he had planned.

This lead Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick to thereafter refer to him as

The King of Milwaukee dick rock."

Humpin' Hanna's Ad from September 25-27, 1974 Crossfire later became Bad Boy. (Note the Tony Brown listing above the ad.) The ad was in the Bugle American - an alternative (i.e., hippie) Milwaukee paper published in the 1970s.