The Haskels. The Haskels were legendary. But by the time I started going to Zak's, their days of being the house band there were over and they were different, with bassist Richard LaValliere and drummer Guy Hoffman leaving to form the Oil Tasters. Even so, the Haskels to me was Presley Haskel, aka Jerome Brish.

I remember talking to Jerome at a bar one night about rock music and he was like a mentor - giving me advice and listening to what I had to say. I even rehearsed once for a new band he was forming but for my own reasons, I didn't join. His senseless death in 1991 (attacked by thugs) was a total shock because he was always so full of life.

Guy Hoffman made all the posters for the Haskels in those early days and he sent me some scans of the original artwork to show the colors and cut and paste work he did. He also shares his comments on the pieces. He also sent some of his original Oil Tasters poster work.

Guy also sent in some rare Haskels photos.

I'm going to divide the posters into Guy Hoffman's work and later poster work (mostly by Bob Solem). There are also a couple hand drawn ads by Richard LaValliere.


The Haskels' 1978 press kit by Guy Hoffman, submitted to MRP in MINT condish by our good pal Mort'd Hump. The pages might be out of the correct order (my fault after removing the staples), but otherwise this is an amazing document on the Haskels, and a great portfolio by Guy. Includes a postcard to join THE HASKELS MENTAL HEALTH CULT (fan club). The only photo credit is on #14: Larry Widen.

The Haskels posters by Guy Hoffman:

The Haskels at the Summerfest Rock Stage (July 7, 1978), at Zak's (July 21 & 22, 1978) and Fantasy's (August 24, 1978) PLUS GUY HOFFMAN'S ORIGINAL ARTWORK, 11"x8.5"

Guy writes, "'HASKELS July 7, 1978' is a scan from a printed poster (a grey-scale only: the original must have disintegrated. I am still looking for a photo from that Summerfest show)."

An invitation (plus ONE guest) to a Haskel Hotel party (February 24, 1979) That's the "new" downtown Hyatt behind the ladies and planes.

The Haskels at Zak's (March 9-10 & 30-31, 1979) and at Harlow's in Chicago (March 18, 1979) Great poster, lots going on.

The Haskels at Zak's (March 30-31, 1979)

The Haskels at The Pub in Madison (April 5, 1979) This is a scan of the original artwork. Guy used the poster images from the March 30-31 Zak's poster for this one.

The Haskels at The Pub in Madison (April 5, 1979) This is the photocopy of the original artwork.

The Haskels at Zak's (June 29 & 30, 1979) and at the Summerfest Rock Stage (July 1, 1979) This is another poster based on the March 30-31 Zak's poster. This is the color paper version.

Guy writes, "The Haskels were scheduled to play Summerfest in 1979 prior to John Hiatt one evening on July 5, 1979. There were 3000 strong at the 6pm show. John came on and alot of the crowd dispersed, oops, sorry JH.

THAT AFTERNOON at 12 noon on the Summerfest grounds there was a TV show hosted by Howard & Rosemary Gernette on Channel 12. The Haskels were guests on the show and spoke with Howard & Rosemary about punk music and The Haskels following in Milwaukee, etc.

Ok, here is where Mort d'Hump comes in. I believe Marty rigged a system in his apartment to tape record the broadcast from Summerfest He still may have this live footage of Haskels performing 2 or 3 songs "Liberace Is Coming" and/or "Baby Let's French" and "Dead Man's Shoes".

We set up against the waterway where there used to be some waterski nonsense during the afternoons, where there was a kinda grassy shaded sitting park for afternoon Summerfest goers, a sidewalk for strollers and people on foot away from the intense heat and sun.

I recall there was a comfortable breeze that day. There weres blue skies. We had an exceptional performance, filmed in color for and by Channel 12 and this was simutaneously broadcast as we played from that spot on the Summerfest grounds. Pretty sure it was July 5, 1979, definitely not 1978. One year prior, The Haskels played at Peaches Rock Stage in the 12 noon early grave yard slot to ... about 30 strong! What a difference a year had made on July, 5, 1979 for The Haskels at Summerfest, backing up John Hiatt. The Journal gave us a fine review.

The Haskels at Zak's (June 29 & 30, 1979) and at the Summerfest Rock Stage (July 1, 1979) This is another poster based on the March 30-31 Zak's poster. This is the b+w version.

Haskels ads by Richard LaValliere from the X-Press newspaper (which eventually morphed into today's Shepherd Express) run by Larry Mondello (aka Kevn Kinney) and Dave Luhrssen.

Guy writes, "The Haskels advertised a bunch of gigs in an eastside newspaper called X-Press. Richard put his mind to create a couple ads and they are great examples of The Haskels many faceted charms. A gem of a writer, an excellant bass player, my truly great friend. Cartoons drawn by Richard LaValliere."

The Haskels at Zak's (May 27 & 28, 1977) An early gem by Richard.

The Haskels at Zak's (July 21 & 22, 1978) I love this ad. I remember it from back in the day. I should have it tatooed on my chest.

The Haskels posters by Bob Solem (and others):

The Haskels at Zak's (January 24-26, 1980) Poster by Bob Solem.

The Haskels at Bogarts (July 18 & 19, 1980) Poster by Bob Solem. Bogarts was in the old wooden building that housed an 1812 record store and Beans & Barley. The building burned down in the 1990s and after reconstruction it is the home of Beans & Barley and Mantra.

The Haskels at the Starship (September 19 & 20, 1980) Poster by Bob Solem. With the Bizarre Few and Palestein Light Orchestra.

The Haskels and Tense Experts at the Metropole (December 19 [year unknown]) (The Metropole is now the Miramar Theater.)

The Haskels [year unknown] No gig to advertise, just an image of the band. Poster by Bob Solem, photo by Drzewiecki.