Rick Nielsen at the 1st Annual Les Paul Show, Milwaukee, April 18, 2009.

Les Paul's House of Sound and Cream City Music sponsored a Les Paul Guitar Show where musicians and collectors could exhibit, sell or trade their Les Paul guitars.

Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen brought several guitars, and other items for display, including his first Les Paul and his most valued Les Paul.


Rick Nielsen's First Les Paul The 1955 Les Paul Standard was purchased from a bookstore in 1966 for $65. (I'm sure its worth a bit more today...)

The '55 Les Paul Case This is the front of the case for the 1955 Les Paul Standard. The stickers on the case are from years of touring in Midwest bars.

'55 Info Card Detail, by Rick Nielsen

Gibson Les Paul Amp & 4 Les Paul Models From left to right:

Gibson Les Paul Jr. amp prototype #1

'57 Les Paul Junior with original PAF zebra pickup and "You Know You Like It" inlay, "KY JELLY" truss rod cover and signature "Rick Nielsen" headstock. "You Know You Like It" is from an X-rated film. The guitar was made in 1972.

'97 Gem Topaz

2003 Brazilian Rosewood

'81 LP (didn't get the description...)

Gibson Les Paul Amp & '57 Les Paul Jr. Another shot of these two items.

4 More of Rick Nielsen's Les Pauls

From left to right:

'62 Les Paul SG Junior with rare "maestro" tremolo

'56 Les Paul Junior "basement special for local shows"

'97 Celebrity Classic - early modedl with black and white parts

? (didn't get the description...)

Rick Nielsen explaining guitars for the crowd and cameras.

Nielsen talking about the stickers on his '55 case.

Nielsen showing the '55 he bought for $65 in 1966.

Milwaukee JournalSentinel Photo of the Event And me taking a photo in the background...

Rick's '53 Les Paul Amp

Custom Cheap Trick/Rick Nielsen Les Paul Case

Custom Cheap Trick/Rick Nielsen Les Paul Case With Rick's cartoon image from the "Rockford" album.

Les Paul Guitar Show Web Image

Guitars at the Show

The Room Full of Les Paul Guitars!

Milwaukee Guitarist Jay Tiller's Les Pauls My former bandmate in Couch Flambeau - pictured here with his '56 Jr., '79 (signed by Les Paul in 1987) and his '82.

Rick Admires Jay's '82 Les Paul

Rick's Very Valuable Les Paul Jay is holding on for dear life...

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