Plasticland. At first, Plasticland were a mystery to me. I passed by a poster in the window of the Metropole Theater on Oakland Ave. one afternoon in 1980 and I saw this Plasticland poster. I thought it was left over from the 1960's, which intrigued me even more. I really thought that no one would be doing psychedelic music in the 1980s. It was the time for punk, hardcore - the hippie radio stations were going commercial (ZMF was gone, welcome the new age of WLPX and "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner 24/7). But when I finally saw the band, I was hooked.

Plasticland has stuck to their paisley guns through decades of new sounds and movements and because of that, they've earned a well-deserved worldwide following. They didn't play out on a regular basis, so every show was a performance not to be missed.

Plasticland posters:

Plasticland at Zak's (April 16, 1983) With Dark Facade. A classic rub-on letter poster.

Plasticland at Club New York (August 1, 1987) Club New York was in the Joey Buona's building?

Plasticland at the Odd Rock Cafe (December 12, 1987) Odd Rock Cafe was the former Cafe Voltaire.

Plasticland at the Odd Rock Cafe (February 20, 1988) An optical excercise and mindbending fun!

Plasticland at Zak's (June 22, [year unknown])