Teddy's. Teddy's was an urban cowboy joint and before that a singles pick up place. Now it's Shank Hall. Back in the Teddy's days, the stage was on the south wall facing the bathrooms and the bar was in the same spot.

Teddy's posters:

Teddy's Ad from September 25-27, 1974 John Lee Hooker at Teddy's! Considering the talent Shank Hall brings in now days, it's not so amazing, but for 1974 it was. Maybe. Plus I'm not sure if the "Eddy" Harris listed was jazz man Eddie Harris, but it could have been. The ad was in the Bugle American - an alternative (i.e., hippie) Milwaukee paper published in the 1970s.

Black Flag at Teddy's (April 21, 1984) With Meat Puppets and Nig Heist (SST Tour). An extremely lame poster - so bad it's good. Well, good to laugh at. Other shows advertised were Subhumans and Sacred Order and T.S.O.L. Michael Ayers ran Ludwig Van Ear Records back then. As far as I know the only product released by the label was Couch Flambeau's 1983 LP, Mammal Insect Marriage. The record release party for this album was held at Teddy's and it was so crazy and crowded, it made the newspapers the next day (a bartender even got bit on the arm).