Cafe Voltaire. Cafe Voltaire was in a former brothel just off the corner of KK and Becher (now there's a railroad themed condo project there). Scott and his mom Arlene ran the place like it was their living room. It was a great place to hang out and see a band.

Cafe Voltaire posters:

Benefit for Dark Facade at Cafe Voltaire (June 29, 1985) Dark Facade equipment was stolen and these bands got together to help them out: Die Kreuzen, Crusties, Tambours, Boy Dirt Car. (Poster submitted by Doug Spankowski and Amy Olson.)

Skinny Puppy at Cafe Voltaire (December 16, 1985) Quickie poster by me. With PMT (Pioneers of Modern Typography). I promoted this show after every other Milwaukee promoter passed on it, including Tony Selig. I was a fan of Skinny Puppy and was happy to have the show. They asked for $400 that night and despite it being a Monday and 4 below zero, I managed to make $20 on the show. Arlene made them salad and spaghetti and glasses of milk (after hearing I was going to buy a cheap pizza) and the band loved it.

Cafe Voltaire, January 1986 Calendar Hand drawn poster by Ron Faiola (that's me). Check out the New Year's Eve show with Couch Flambeau, Big Black, Killdozer and Middle Class! It was a wild night indeed. I drank 2 bottles of champagne before going on and didn't feel a thing. Other notable gigs: Die Kreuzen and the Crusties, X-Cleavers, Liquid Pink and the Couch Flambeau show for Jay's birthday party. Jay drank the present I gave him although I didn't think one could drink a Dust Buster.

Cafe Voltaire, January 1987 Calendar WMSE was a big part of the Voltaire scene as Tom Crawford was bartending and Leila, Andre and Declan were spinning tunes. Notable gigs: Die Kreuzen, Paul Cebar & The Milwaukeeans, Big Black (now headlining), Appliances S.F.B. and Wiseblood, aka Jim Thirwell (I have video from this show).

Cafe Voltaire, February 1987 Calendar Poster by Ron Faiola (yup, me again). Notable gigs: Love Doll Superstars (they slept on my living room floor that night), Tony Brown, Spanic Boys and Corrosion of Conformity! Yow, metal heads!

Concrete Blonde at Cafe Voltaire (February 17, 1987) With the Sirens. Another show I have on videotape...Still in Hollywood!

Cafe Voltaire, April 1987 Calendar Notable gigs: E.I.E.I.O., Liquid Pink, Die Kreuzen, Bill Stace's birthday and Ron Ford (aka Faiola) as D.J.