Die Kreuzen. This Milwaukee band put in their time touring the states in a broken down old van, sleeping on floors, playing in shit-hole clubs and gaining a legendary cult status by the time they called it quits. Now we only have their incredible recordings to keep our adrenaline pumping. But back in the day, it was truly amazing to watch bassist Keith Brammer scissor kicking the stage, vocalist Dan Kubinski flinging himself around like a puppet on benzedrine, Erik Tunison pounding the drums without mercy and guitarist Brian Egeness hurling heart thumping power chords and howling riffs in razor thin slices.

I've got a lot of video footage of Die Kreuzen and I promise to make more of it available as soon as I can get to it. It would be a shame to let it go unseen (there's one of my rare DK clips on YouTube right now - check it out.)

Die Kreuzen posters:

Stellas at the Starship (February 6, 1981) The Stellas later became Die Kreuzen. With the Prosecutors and Tense Experts.

The Decline of Western Civilization [movie], Die Krezen and Sacred Order (November 12, 1982) The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee screened the amazing punk documentary and then had live music.

Die Kreuzen and the Shemps at the Lost Dutchman Mine (April 2, 1983) Lost Dutchman Mine later became the Unicorn. Poster by Richard Kohl (signed "D.K.").

Die Kreuzen at Irene J's (Thursday August 18, 1983) With the Crusties and Distain (Disdain?).

Die Kreuzen (June 9, 1984) At the VFW Post on 26th and Wisconsin. With Couch Flambeau, Sacred Order and the Crusties. There was a severe lack of venues to play in Milwaukee back then. By the end of the year, Cafe Voltaire would become the new hot venue.

Die Kreuzen TV Appearance (February 25, 1986) October File was about to be released.

Die Kreuzen at the Underground (August 16, 1986) With Del Ametri (Del Amitri?) and Crusties. (Poster submitted by Doug Spankowski and Amy Olson.)