Listen as we go out as a lion with our APRIL 2024 MRP RADIO SHOW that has some roaring tunes by Plasticland, The Darbs, Dummy Club, Scam Likely, Jerry Harrison, Bryan Cherry and The Gufs, along with many more.

Mad as a March Hare? Jump into our MARCH 2024 MRP RADIO SHOW featuring strange and wonderful tracks by The Back Issues, Mighty Deerlick, The Wood Chickens, The Aimless Blades, Social Caterpillar, Wobble Test, Alter The DUI's, and yup, you guessed it - many more!

Burn your parka with these red hot tunes on our FEBRUARY 2024 MRP RADIO SHOW featuring James Chance and the Contortions, Chinese Telephones, Jinksie, Luxi, Rat Bath, The Milbillies, and more, more, more!

Once again, our special MRP guest Clancy Carroll breaks more early punk rawk on our JANUARY MRP RADIO SHOW, featuring The Shemps, The Mess, Couch Flambeau, The Lubricants, The Tyrants, Ozone, Blackholes, and many more!

Special MRP guest Clancy Carroll breaks out the early punk rawk on our DECEMBER MRP RADIO SHOW, featuring The Prosecutors, Couch Potatoes, Those XCleavers, Buck Byron, The Bombs, Muscle Beach and more!

Make sure to spend some time listening to our SEPTEMBER MRP RADIO SHOW featuring more long-lost tapes of In A Hot Coma (pre-Haskels, Shivvers and Oil Tasters). rehearsing cover songs in a basement on Milwaukee's East Side in 1976!

We're proud to present a VERY SPECIAL AUGUST MRP RADIO SHOW featuring a long-lost tape of In A Hot Coma (pre-Haskels, Shivvers and Oil Tasters) rehearsing cover songs in a basement on Milwaukee's East Side in 1976! This is part one of two, check out the September show for more IAHC!

Milwaukee Rock Posters Radio has hit a major milestone! Our 200th MRP RADIO SHOW!!!

The March, 2023 podcast is a real humdinger! It features live performances from the Lest We Forget 2022 10 Year Reunion concert at Turner Hall. 14 tracks include: Kevn Kinney, 3XCleavers, Liv Mueller, Wanda Chrome and the Leather Pharaohs, Xposed 4Heads, 3 On Fire, and many more!

Founded and produced by Ron Faiola, the Milwaukee Rock Posters DotCom Radio Show began way back in 2006, and our archives currently features over 70 hours of Wisconsin-based tunes! Check 'em out and enjoy! Muchas gracias and a hearty handclasp to Paul Host, Tim Noble and Tom Crawford at WMSE for 17 amazing years! Onward!

HEY YOU. MilwaukeeRockPosters.com has lots of photos, music and POSTERS available for view. I'm glad you like the rare old items, but STOP POSTING THE POSTERS ON YOUR OR OTHER WEBSITES without permission or credit. I've spent many hours scanning, posting, writing. Okay? -- Ron Faiola

Sad News: On December 11, 2017 we lost our friend and fellow musician Peder Hedman way too early in life.

On March 30th, 2018 there was be a special live show celebrating Peder's music at Linneman's Riverwest Inn. Proceeds from this event were donated to the Cyril G. Hedman irrevocable trust.

For now, here is a video of Liquid Pink that Ron of MRP shot in 1987. RIP, Peder.

Rock Read! Brick Through The Window an oral history of punk rock, new wave and noise in Milwaukee, 1964-1984. Cool stuff!

We lost a good friend in 2016 well-known writer and extraordinary musician, Tom Laskin of the Appliances SFB and writer for the Isthmus. Check out his story in this Isthmus Article.

Visit the Facebook Lest We Forget Group Page.

The LEST WE FORGET LIVE CD RELEASE PARTY held at the Miramar Theatre on May 24th was a hit! Thanks to the bands and fans that made it another special night. LIVE CDS of the 2012 LEST WE FORGET are available here

The LEST WE FORGET Milwaukee Music Scene Memorial at Turner Hall on May 26 was a huge success. The sold out show featured a 14 band line up including Die Kreuzen, Tense Experts, 3XCleavers, Sacred Order, 3 On Fire, Rock-A-Dials, Dominoes, The Dummy Club, The Lubricants, St Bernard, Xposed 4Heads, Blackholes, Liv Mueller and a surprise appearance by Von Trash.

Check out the amazing Lest We Forget 360 VR images by photographer Scott Witte, it's like you were there, in fact you were and we can see you!

Cheap Trick at Humpin' Hanna's with In A Hot Coma, circa 1974 (?). We got this amazing artifact from Martin Miller and Martin Krohne. Krohne recalls the night:

"Our biggest gig was backing up Cheap Trick. At it, Presley Haskel, lead singer, wore skin tight leopard skin pants.

And he liked to jump around a lot onstage.

What Presley didn't realize was that the seam of his pants split just enough to show off more than he had planned.

This lead Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick to thereafter refer to him as

'The King of Milwaukee Dick Rock'."

Les Paul Show Update: Jay Tiller's 1982 Blonde Les Paul Won Second Prize at the show.

Rick Nielsen at the Les Paul House of Sound Guitar Show